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Ondrej Pokorny lazarus at kluug.net
Mon Nov 16 21:44:54 CET 2015

Thank you Werner for sharing it!

I wanted to build the application from the sources and I had the 
following problems.

1.) What CCR version do you use? I used trunk virtualtreeview-new and it 
reported a streaming problem in
TVirtualStringTree.Header.Style - hsXPStyle doesn't exist.

For me:
   TVTHeaderStyle = (
     hsThickButtons,    // TButton look and feel
     hsFlatButtons,     // flatter look than hsThickButton, like an 
always raised flat TToolButton
     hsPlates          // flat TToolButton look and feel (raise on hover 

2.) Whenever I click on a thread, I get an AV:

-->> This may have something to do with the VirtualTree version I use.

3.) FPC 3.1.1 has some issues with SynFacil code. See patch.

=> What did you use to build lmlr? "FPC 3.1.1 trunk + Lazarus 1.5 trunk 
+ CCR trunk" seem not to work properly.


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Index: Lazarus MailingList Reader/trunk/source/3rdParty/synfacilsynhighlighter/SynFacilBasic.pas
--- Lazarus MailingList Reader/trunk/source/3rdParty/synfacilsynhighlighter/SynFacilBasic.pas	(revision 53)
+++ Lazarus MailingList Reader/trunk/source/3rdParty/synfacilsynhighlighter/SynFacilBasic.pas	(working copy)
@@ -118,7 +118,7 @@
     firstSec  : TFaSynBlock; //secci??n que se debe abrir al abrir el bloque
-  TEvBlockOnOpen = procedure(blk: TFaSynBlock; var Cancel: boolean = false) of object;
+  TEvBlockOnOpen = procedure(blk: TFaSynBlock; var Cancel: boolean) of object;
   TArrayTokSpec = array of TTokSpec;
   //clase para manejar la definici??n de bloques de sintaxis
Index: Lazarus MailingList Reader/trunk/source/3rdParty/synfacilsynhighlighter/SynFacilHighlighter.pas
--- Lazarus MailingList Reader/trunk/source/3rdParty/synfacilsynhighlighter/SynFacilHighlighter.pas	(revision 53)
+++ Lazarus MailingList Reader/trunk/source/3rdParty/synfacilsynhighlighter/SynFacilHighlighter.pas	(working copy)
@@ -670,7 +670,7 @@
 genera una excepci??n}
   tok  : TPtrTokEspec;
-  tmp: String;
+  tmp, tmpnew: String;
   procedure ActProcRange(var r: TTokSpec);
   //Configura el puntero pRange() para la funci??n apropiada de acuerdo al delimitador final.
@@ -703,10 +703,10 @@
   //configura token especial
   for tmp in lisTmp do begin
     if (tmp<>'') and (tmp[1]='^') then begin
-      tmp := copy(tmp,2,length(tmp));
-      CreaBuscEspec(tok, tmp, 1); //busca o crea
+      tmpnew := copy(tmp,2,length(tmp));
+      CreaBuscEspec(tok, tmpnew, 1); //busca o crea
     end else begin
-      CreaBuscEspec(tok, tmp, 0); //busca o crea
+      CreaBuscEspec(tok, tmpnew, 0); //busca o crea
     //actualiza sus campos. Cambia, si ya exist?­a
     tok^.dEnd  :=dEnd;

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