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Anthony Walter sysrpl at gmail.com
Tue Nov 17 11:39:27 CET 2015

Linux csharp:


What's missing? From my example ...

Scripting. There is something to be said for uncompiled deployment on the
web. You just drop text in a folder and it goes. If you have an error, no
problem no rebuild no worries. Just edit the text and save (everyone has a
text editor). Ruby, php, classic asp, even C# all do it and it's great.
Score 1 check

Language features like closures and anonymous types are especially
advantageous in web development. Anonymous types makes binding to Sql
results a lot easier, and closures are great for deferment of execution,
allowing requests to be more efficiently handled by the server (
Score 2 check

Better reflection leads and true single object for all types (even int and
string and everything else), leads to a better templating system.
Score 3 check

Attribute flags allow user defined meta data which can then make life
easier. e.g. I flag [Template, Logged] on a page and the system knows to
track statistics on that page and run it through a template evaluation
before the page is returned.
Score 4 check

Stack traces. When something goes wrong, like an error in formatting a
template, or an error in Sql, I know exactly where the problem occurred.
This is because all errors print a clearly defined stack trace, with line
numbers, file names, assemblies, and error messages. Plus it doesn't stop
my executable/page. The error is displayed for 1 user and the site doesn't
stop. I know you can use try/except in Pascal, but it's really ppor
compared to other tools stack traces.
Score 5 check

I could go on all night and into the morning. It's not a knock on
Lazarus/Free Pascal. Lazarus/Free Pascal excel on the desktop and even the
server. But webpages, we gotta pick our battles and with webdev,
Lazarus/Free Pascal will never stack up against those other tools. Move on.
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