[Lazarus] Testing Lazarus development version easily under Wine

FreeMan freeman35 at delphiturkiye.com
Sun Sep 6 12:52:15 CEST 2015

Why did not make symlink to just "LazDevelPath"? just made subfolders?

similar example from me:
My host is osx, linux os (14.04, 14.10, 15.04) on virtualbox. I didn't 
try use symlink for fpc and lazarus 'cos compiled units be in host (osx) 
they are trash for osx. I made "shared folder" in virtualbox to osx's 
"/opt/" folder. In linux, I made symlink for my projects and 2d party 
components's folders to under linux's "/opt/" folder, then made and 
build lazarus and test my projects sourse from (host) osx .
I made all lpk (-FU) like this:
my projects's as well. So no conflict.
I wish lazarus have to "environment options" for project and packages 
output directory

On 06.09.2015 12:03, Juha Manninen wrote:
> I don't have Windows right now.
> I found out an easy way to test my development repository changes also
> under Wine.
> Lazarus runs amazingly well with Wine.
> I installed the latest Lazarus release Windows version on Linux. It
> opens with Wine automatically, no problems.
> Then I ran a bash script (copied below and attached).
> It deletes the source directories and replaces them with symbolic
> links to my development sources.
> Then I started the Windows version again. It complains about wrong
> version and a missing package but that is OK.
> Then I rebuilt it from Tools -> Configure Build Lazarus ... and I have
> the latest Windows version of Lazarus running on Linux! Absolutely
> cool. :)
> I can check that my changes don't break the Windows version already
> before committing them.
> Juha
> ---
> #!/bin/bash
> # Lazarus development version path.
> LazDevelPath=~/SW/lazarus_gitsvn
> # Lazarus release Windows version.
> cd ~/.wine/drive_c/lazarus
> for LazDir in components converter debugger designer doceditor docs
> examples ide images languages lcl packager test tools
> do
>    # Do not delete already linked directories.
>    if [[ -L "$LazDir" ]]; then
>      echo "Directory $LazDir is already linked"
>      continue
>    fi
>    echo "Linking directory $LazDir to development version"
>    # Delete a directory from Windows installation.
>    rm -rf $LazDir
>    # Replace it with a symbolic link to Linux development version.
>    ln -s $LazDevelPath/$LazDir $LazDir
> done

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