[Lazarus] Compliments

Alfred alfred at consulab.nl
Wed Aug 10 08:10:53 CEST 2016


That is good news !

But, to be honest, I do not know the exact answer to your other 

{$ifdef Linux}
{$ifdef CPUARM}
{$linklib GLESv2}
{$linklib libc_nonshared.a}
These link-additions are based on trail-and error.
Using an Arch Linux distro on RPi, BBB and Odroid-C2 (64bit).
It could be that they are Arch Linux distro specific.

I suppose, the best you can do, is simply use your own libs.
So, copy your own /lib directory from your RPi to the suitable 
cross-directory of FPC.
(remember: softlinks to not work, so make hard copies !)
And go through the trial-and-error yourself for your distro.

Regarding Linux64. See: http://bugs.freepascal.org/view.php?id=30112
So, a single linklib seems to solve the problem.

There are no general instructions available, due to the above.
I do not know if these "defines" are needed for everybody out there.

Also, the NewPascal cross binaries are bloated at the moment (due to 
huge library additions that are not always necessary).
They more or less serve as a proof-of-concept. And are work-in-progress.

About your "raspbian+Pi / ubuntu+Odroid" problem, I have no clue.
32 vs 64 bit ?
hardfloat vs softfloat ?
ARMV6 vs ARMV7 ?

Fpclazup is included. You can always build your own cross-compiler !
ARM possibilities (original):
fpclazup.exe --installdir="c:\NewPascal\" --fpcURL="newpascal" 
--lazURL="trunk" --ostarget="linux" --cputarget="arm" 
-CaEABIHF" --only="FPCCleanOnly,FPCBuildOnly"

The above options show you your choices ! And there are many !!

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