[Lazarus] "Some files have changed on disk"

Werner Pamler werner.pamler at freenet.de
Fri Dec 2 21:06:32 CET 2016

For some time, the IDE of trunk is displaying an annyoing message "Some 
files have changed on disk"  and prompts to select either "Ignore all 
disk changes" or "Reload checked files from disk" if an unsaved new 
project is compiled.

Steps to reproduce:

- Create new project, add components and code (but not necessary)

- Don't save

- Compile and run --> message (see attached screen shot)

I've seen this behavior some time ago in Linux where it disappeared 
again, but now it is back on my main Windows development machine (WIn 
10/64 bit, Laz trunk (32 bit), fpc 3.0)

Any idea how I can get back to the normal behavior?

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