[Lazarus] FCL-PDF and RTF Support

Leonardo M. Ramé l.rame at griensu.com
Fri Dec 9 13:00:18 CET 2016

El 09/12/16 a las 08:52, Graeme Geldenhuys via Lazarus escribió:
> On 2016-12-09 11:02, Leonardo M. Ramé via Lazarus wrote:
>> Hi, does anyone know if there's RTF support for FCL-PDF?. Anyone working
>> on this?.
> Please explain what you mean by that - RTF support?
> fcl-pdf is a PDF generator library, nothing more. It does what it says
> on the tin, with the API available to it (as per the PDF 1.3 specs).
> It's not a report engine, layouting engine etc. So it doesn't do text
> layouting (alignment, text inside a shape, text on a curve etc.) But, it
> does output text (and other graphic elements) where you tell it to, and
> how it should look and in what font.
> eg: In the upcoming fpReport engine I do text layouting (doing all the
> line calculations and word positions in the report engine), and then
> simply pass that information to the PDF report renderer, which in turn
> tells fcl-pdf where to render want text.
> Regards,
>   Graeme

You are right Graeme, I'm looking for a way to add an RTF file to a PDF. 
I need a report engine but I couln't find one that fit my needs.

Currently I'm using LibreOffice in headless mode for some projects, but 
this one cannot use it (because of memory constraints).

Is there a way to get the fpReport source?.

Leonardo M. Ramé

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