[Lazarus] FCL-PDF change

Ondrej Pokorny lazarus at kluug.net
Fri Dec 9 17:13:27 CET 2016

On 09.12.2016 17:06, Michael Van Canneyt via Lazarus wrote:
> On Fri, 9 Dec 2016, Ondrej Pokorny via Lazarus wrote:
>> On 09.12.2016 16:59, Graeme Geldenhuys via Lazarus wrote:
>>>> Can you tell us which font you are using, and maybe also what text
>>>> you were trying to write to the PDF?
>>> Yes, that information would be very useful. If you can even supply the
>>> TTF font version number, that would be helpful too.
>> If it really is needed, I'll create a test project. But for the start 
>> to me it looks like you didn't test the package with range checks on 
>> and overflow checks on. Maybe you'll find the problems on your own if 
>> you switch them on :)
> From what Graeme told me, he did use range checking.

Please see TFontSubsetter.WriteTableHeader - the checksum calculation.

> There are numerous font files out there and the number of possible 
> unicode characters is big.

I disabled range checking and the PDF is produced and it is (almost) 
correct. I could see that the Czech "ř" character is not handled 
correctly. I'll make you a test case.


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