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Has OpenDialog been created at this point? Better to double check by changing to

if Assigned(OpenDialog) then



  raise Exception.Create('OpenDialog not yet created');

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I wrote a small program for Linux in a previous version of Lazarus which compiled and ran without problems before. I have now updated to fpc 3.0.0 and Lazarus 1.6 (backports version for Debian X86_64 Jessie). The code still compiles perfectly (it had a number of warnings, but these have now disappeared: e.g. unixfileutil.inc(6,51) Warning: Symbol "UTF8ToSys" is deprecated: "Use the function in LazUTF8 unit"), but it results in a runtime error 

"Project birds raised exception class 'External: SIGFPE'.

 At address 7FFFEF8FC57F"

when running the following code:

procedure THoofVrm.OpenBtnClick(Sender: TObject);




What is wrong with my code (and how should I change it)?

I know that there has been a change in FPC/Lazarus string implementation, but this is just a standard Lazarus File Open dialog (TOpenDialog) and result in the error before even allowing me to select the file to open.

 I am not using either UTF8ToSys or even the unixfileutil unit AFAICT:


Classes, SysUtils, FileUtil, LResources, Forms, Controls, Graphics, Dialogs,

  IpHtml, StdCtrls, ExtCtrls, Buttons, ExtDlgs, AsyncProcess, Ipfilebroker,

  strutils, Soek;"

Any pointers appreciated...



Just a wild guess. The villain might be some property (such as FileName, Filter or InitialDir) that you did set up with old Lazarus at design time and which isn't compatible with current version. Revising the design time properties of your File Open Dialog with Object Inspector should fix the issue.






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