[Lazarus] In search of a component for holding a table of strings

Bart bartjunk64 at gmail.com
Thu Dec 29 16:59:57 CET 2016


I am in need of a component/clas that can hold a 2 dimensional "table"
of strings.
The dimensions are unknown at designtime: I read the data from a HTML table.
The HTML reader provides events that give me the data of each cell,
and that  tell me whenever a row is started or closed.

The class should be able to:
- access individual "cellls" (read/write)
- add or insert a row (with an without data (TStrings and Array of
String must be supprted as the datatype)). Note: adding a row must be
possible when the dimensions of the table are yet unknown.
- upon adding a row, it should be able to extend the dimensions of the table
- the strings itself may contain LineEndings

Not needed right now, but nice to have:
- add or insert a column (with an without data)
- upon adding a column, it should be able to extend the dimensions of the table
- delete a row or column

I have no need for saving the table to disk in any way.
The program that uses this class should not need external libraries,
since I cannot install those on the target computer I need my program

I botched up some class that can do this (good enough for my purposes,
but it's not nice code), but I was wondering if there already is some
component that is more suitable (and well tested) for this.
Using some sort of in memory dataset comes to mind, but I never use
databases in my programs at all, so I'm a complete novice on that

Suggestions are welcome.


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