[Lazarus] Access violation at current svn

Lukas Gradl fpc at ssn.at
Mon Jun 13 16:33:22 CEST 2016


I tried to update my Lazarus svn to the current revision (52501) on a  
debian jessie x86_64 machine.
I compiled it by make clean;make all using fpc 3.1.1 from today.

The comilation finishes successfully, but on starting lazarus I get a  
window "Read error" "Access violation Access violation".

The console (where I started startlazarus from) says:
[TJITForms.DoCreateJITComponent] Error Error: Access violation
   Stack trace:
   $0000000000988F72  DOCREATEJITCOMPONENT,  line 1041 of  
   $00000000009883BA  ADDNEWJITCOMPONENT,  line 832 of ../designer/jitforms.pp
   $00000000009AC43D  CREATECOMPONENT,  line 1306 of customformeditor.pp
   $0000000000BF551F  CREATENEWFORM,  line 4477 of sourcefilemanager.pas
   $0000000000BEB3F6  NEWFILE,  line 2139 of sourcefilemanager.pas
   $00000000004B83A3  DONEWFILE,  line 5479 of main.pp
   $0000000000905468  DONEWEDITORFILE,  line 707 of lazideintf.pas
   $0000000000952262  CREATESTARTFILES,  line 1309 of projectdefs.pas
   $0000000000BF103B  INITNEWPROJECT,  line 3561 of sourcefilemanager.pas
   $00000000004BAA34  DONEWPROJECT,  line 6129 of main.pp
   $00000000004A953A  SETUPSTARTPROJECT,  line 2317 of main.pp
   $00000000004A612F  STARTIDE,  line 1593 of main.pp
   $000000000041E9E7  main,  line 133 of lazarus.pp
TCustomFormEditor.JITListException List.CurReadStreamClass=nil nil

Any Idea what I'm doing wrong or is just the svn broken?


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