[Lazarus] Access violation r.51977

Vojtěch Čihák vojtech.cihak at atlas.cz
Thu Mar 24 03:15:50 CET 2016

I got "Access Violation" window whenever I try to compile any (even an empty) project or package.
It comes from r.51977, while r.51976 works well.
Commit description (by Bart):
LazUtf8: firts attempt to rewrite Utf8CompareStr and Utf8CompareText so that it's results will be more
consistent with AnsiCompareStr/WideCompareStr and AnsiCompareTex/WideCompareText.
Lazarus 1.7 r51976M FPC 3.0.0 x86_64-linux-qt
Qt 4.8.7, Plasma 5.5
@Bart: Should I report it or do you still work on it? Will you need some more info (stack trace or whatever)?
Thanks, Blaazen.

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