[Lazarus] Form Resizing

Giuliano Colla giuliano.colla at fastwebnet.it
Sun Mar 6 23:47:19 CET 2016

Il 06/03/2016 18:27, Bo Berglund ha scritto:
> I have no idea what you mean by this statement...
> What is LXDE and how do I test Lazarus for LXDE?
> Apart fromn that I
> have no idea how to use svn, which I assume you mean I should do.

A general hint: whenever you don't know what an acronym means (such al 
LXDE = Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment, which btw is most likely the 
desktop you're using), or how to take advantage of a popular control 
version program like svn, just type its name in a Google search, and 
you'll get all the information, tutorials and discussions you might 
wish, in order to understand what is it, get acquainted with it, use it 
and be aware of its features and bugs.

Just my 2 cents,


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