[Lazarus] Raspberry Pi 3 build issues

Anthony Walter sysrpl at gmail.com
Wed Mar 23 19:03:25 CET 2016

Seeing as how SD CARD space is a premium on the Pi you should probably
clean up after you build and install. This include doing things like this
after make install:

cd $HOME/fpc
rm -rf .svn
find packages -name units | xargs rm -rf {0}
find rtl -name units | xargs rm -rf {0}
find packages -iname "*make*" -delete
find rtl -iname "*make*" -delete
rm -rf compiler
rm -rf installer
rm -rf share

Which will free up A LOT of SD CARD space. Also an addition note, there is
no real reason (IMO) to install trunk or test revisions to root owned
folders. Usually PREFIX=$HOME/fpc or something thereof will suffice. Oh and
the complete command to generation a valid fpc.cfg (assuming install path
is $HOME/fpc) is:

$HOME/fpc/fpcmkcfg -d basepath=$HOME/fpc/lib/fpc/\$FPCVERSION
-o $HOME/fpc/bin/fpc.cfg

It should be noted that the default swap file size of Raspbian is only
100MB which combined with a possible GPU memory settings will occasionally
cause Lazarus builds to fail mysteriously.
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