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First of all,
Thank you all who spent your time reading and suggesting about this subject.
First, some clarifications. When I wrote "modern" my comparison was againts
console applications. Even those students who won't do a line of code
except in my class realize that console applications are not what they have
been using since they approached to a computer.

Introducing GUI is an efford to make the module more attractive to the
students (the droupout rate is high). The module is taught as a basic
science. All my students will be civil, environmental or bio engineers but
not computer engineers. So I have two modules (Introduction to programming
and advanced programming) to give them an idea of what programming is.

My main focus now is "introduction to programming". It is a four-months
course and given your advice, I will split the course in two months parts.

First part will be all console applications where I will introduce the
basics of pascal:

   - structure of a pascal program
   - variable declarations (integers, doubles, strings...)
   - read, readln, write, writeln
   - operations (+. -, *, /)
   - if, case, while, for, repeat/until
   - procedures and functions
   - algorithms like getting prime numbers, fibonacci series, etc

The second part will introduce:

   - GUI environment. Dropping components on a form and arrange them.
   Changing properties.
   - Event oriented programming
   - simple and multidimensional arrays
   - ┬┐files?

I will use some specific components to help the transition for example:
  a, b, c: integer

In GUI a, b, and c will be spinedits with a "value" integer property so I
can write:

spineditc.value := spinedita.value+spineditb.value;

instead of

editc.Text := IntToStr(StrToInt(Edita.Text)+StrToInt(Editb.Text));

Comboboxes and list control will be used in case statements with the
"ItemIndex" property

Memo.Lines and arrays will be given at the same time...

What do you think?


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> On 2016-10-13 10:04, Michael Schnell via Lazarus wrote:
> > IMHO it's a shame, but new
> > projects in Pascal seem to be declining,
> That's got nothing to do with the Object Pascal being modern or not (I
> think it is modern enough). The decline is about marketing and
> popularity contests, and management decisions (how easy is it to replace
> a Object Pascal developers vs a Java developer).
> Delphi being sold every other year doesn't help with the stability of
> Object Pascal in the marketplace either.
> Regards,
>   Graeme
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