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Delphi's developers faced exactly the same dilemma with respect to Windows' behavior. Some of the standard behavior triggering events did not make much sense and they had to decide to keep it as it was or define an improvement. For the most part they kept it as it was. 

These are not easy decisions. One logical approach does not always work in all cases. However, good documentation alone goes a long, long way to improving the situation.

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I think this is not logical. If the OnChange event is supposed to fire when the tab changes, and a PageIndex or a TabIndex changes the tab then it should do as it says. If the programmer wants Delphi compatibility then it is for the programmer to set a flag so that the OnChange event only fires when the end user changes the tab. In that case there should be a new event such as OnUserChange or something similar.

These illogical compatibility related definitions cause no end of trouble.If ill thought out definitions went into Delphi it is not smart to conform to them. Better make it known that they are illogical and that Lazarus and Freepascal do it the right way and gives them the option of switching to Delphi behaviour.


Frank Church

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