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> So...who wants to work on a modern course outline with me? We have a lot
> of opinions and people willing to chime in, maybe we can do something good
> for the community?
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>> On 24.10.2016 18:11, Travis Ayres via Lazarus wrote:
>>> With over 100 replies, we could have already written a course outline,
>>> introduction, ...
>>> It seems we have lost (or silenced) the OP long since :-(
>> -Michael

My opinion is that writing a course outline is not an abstract process .

It will be delivered in a Department :

Goals of Department with its web site
Class of Students as Year ( First . ... , Fourth )
Curriculum of Department : Where the course(s) will be embedded
Goals of the Course(s) : What is the purpose of course : What will gain the
students from the course ?
Upward services to other courses : Names of such courses
Prerequisite Courses : If any
Background courses : Previous courses which can be used as supporting the
Text books selected for course(s) ;
How many course(s) with weekly number of class hours are selected

Course class schedule ( Two courses , etc. ) will determine load level of
Possible Goals will serve to determine course Names and contents ( examples
, problems , etc. ) .

"Pascal" itself may require an independent course
"Lazarus" itself may require an independent course
"Event driven" programming ( with Petri Nets ) itself may require an
independent course

"Pascal" may be an independent course as a "First" computer programming
course or a "Second" .
There may be a previously taken "Computer Programming Algorithms" ( as
Introduction ) course or students may need such a course independent from a
programming language .

All of these affect a course sequence contents .

This means that to be able to design a course outline which will serve to
your needs , it is necessary to supply the above information ( at least )
without forgetting the instructor factor .

Thank you very much .

Mehmet Erol Sanliturk
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