[Lazarus] TPicture width questions (duplicate ways)

José Mejuto joshyfun at gmail.com
Thu Mar 9 17:48:44 CET 2017

El 09/03/2017 a las 17:05, Lars via Lazarus escribió:
> TPicture has several width properties in all sorts of places, for example:
> var p: TPicture;
> begin
>   ...
>   p.width
>   p.jpeg.width
>   p.bitmap.width
> end;
> Are any of these pure duplicates that are exactly the same thing, or do
> some of them have different behaviours and should most definitely not be
> used interchangeably?



TPicture.Width is the TGraphic container size.
TPicture.jpeg.Width is the width declared in the jpeg image.
TPicture.Bitmap.Width is the width of the bitmap in pixels.

Mostly the 3 will have the same value but extracted from different sources.


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