[Lazarus] Animation library

José Mejuto joshyfun at gmail.com
Thu Mar 9 17:56:50 CET 2017

El 09/03/2017 a las 17:11, Lars via Lazarus escribió:

> Except for the fact that VM's suffer from corrupt hard drive file
> problem. All your files are stored in a file, which is extremely
> dangerous compared to having files stored as separate files. If one
> little bit is f**ked in that hard  drive disk image file, all your work
> is lost, unless you can magically hack the file yourself into good shape
> which is equivalent of trying to make a square become a circle :-)


It is as dangerous as all your files are in a harddisk, if the harddisk 
crashes ( physically ) you lost all your files.

It's almost impossible to corrupt a virtualbox disk image as its inner 
working is too much simple. Even if a corruption happens its very easy 
to convert to a dd raw image and mount it in your favorite OS. The only 
corruption that will certainly ruin your VM disk is a page allocation 
corruption, which is mostly as you overwrite the NTFs MFT and partition 
table and/or  your ext3/4 iNode table.

I'm using my VM's as real computers, so backups are usual but from 
inside the VM (SVN for sources and backups for other files) not a 
virtual disk image copy (VM must be stopped).


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