[Lazarus] Colorconversion in htmlreport

frans fjf.vanleeuwen at quicknet.nl
Sat Mar 11 14:57:08 CET 2017

I use Lazarus 1.6.2 with FPC 3.0.0 on Windows 10. I use htmlreport to 
create webpages.
My problem is the use of colorcodes. I want to use the color #D8FFF4. 
But the function Color2HTML translate that code to $00D8FFF4# and that 
gives a totally different color.
I've searched the internet for a converter but found nothing. Therefor I 
have 2 questions:
1. What does the colorcode $00000000# mean? It's not ?RGB.
2. What code should I use to get the colorresult I want?

Frans van Leeuwen
M 06-51695390

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