[Lazarus] HI-DPI Strangeness

Donald Ziesig donald at ziesig.org
Sat Mar 11 18:51:55 CET 2017

Hi All!

I have noticed strange behavior with Lazarus 1.7 in the HI-DPI mode.  
This took some trial and error to find since the connections are not at 
all obvious.  I am using Linux Mint 18 and have the same problem with 
both MATE and XFCE desktop managers.

When I log out/shutdown/restart and return to Lazarus, the Object 
Inspector DPI settings are all at 96 (even though they were all at 144 
when I shutdown Lazarus).  The IDE Icons are all tiny (almost 
invisible), the source editor windows all had a very small font size, 
the Form designers were all hosed, and the programs built with Lazarus 
(after the restart) all appear to be compiled with 96 DPI.  I tried 
rebuilding the IDE, but that had no impact.  The DPI remained at 96 as 
did everything else.

Here is the weird part.

After restarting, I opened a terminal and entered the command "xdpyinfo 
| grep dots" to see how it was set.  The response was 144x144.   
Apparently the window manager(s) got the message ;-) even if Lazarus did 
not.  Note that I did NOT enter any other commands except for the xdpyinfo.


When I restarted Lazarus the IDE Icons, the Form Designers and the 
source editor fonts were were correctly sized, and the programs built 
with Lazarus were correctly sized for 144dpi.

I have appropriate xrandr and xdpyinfo commands in .bash_profile and 
.bash_login (redundancy can't hurt :-D).  They don't seem to help.  I 
restarted again, opened a terminal (which showed my debug "echo"s so the 
two files were executed) and did nothing else.  I then CLOSED the 
terminal and started Lazarus.  It came up in 144dpi mode!!!!!!!.

I can not tell where the interaction between Lazarus and the window 
managers fails, and I have a work-around (open terminal before starting 
Lazarus) so the problem is not serious, but it remains an annoyance.


One more minor issue.  The Main Menu editor still has issues with the 
height of fonts in HI-DPI mode, as in:

Again this is not serious, just annoying.


Don Ziesig

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