[Lazarus] Managing Packages with many versions

Marcos Douglas B. Santos md at delfire.net
Fri Mar 31 16:42:20 CEST 2017


I would like to know how I can manager my 3rd packages with different

For example, imagine that:
You have got a package called SmartFoo.lpk version 1.0.
You are using the master/trunk version.
Whe you compile it you got this: smartfoo\lib\x86_64-win64\*ppu, *.o, etc

Now you can use this package in your projects.

Then, the author update this package to 2.0 version.
Imagine that you have many projects using version 1.0 but you would like to
update to 2.0 to work in just one project.

The problem is: I don't want to work in other projects right now but you
need to mantain them compilable with the version 1.0 of SmartFoo if you
need it any time.

What is the best approach to deal with it?

I've already read the Wiki http://wiki.freepascal.org/Lazarus_Packages but
I can not realize how IDE will know about the right *.ppu files to use.

Best regards,
Marcos Douglas
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