[Lazarus] Assembler window shows but without Debugger Exception popup

Lubos Pintes lubos.pintes at gmail.com
Tue Nov 14 11:17:15 CET 2017

Oh, View menu, of course. I am stupid indeed. :)
I just updated a GDB to version 7.7.1 and now at least the stack trace 
makes more sense. It is full of Windows API calls. However, here is a 
part of debug output which seems to be relevant, at least I am not sure 
what exactly this can be:
&"warning: HEAP[project1.exe]: \n"
&"warning: HEAP: Free Heap block 105AA5B0 modified at 105AA5D0 after it 
was freed\n"
~"[Switching to Thread 4928.0x13e8]\n"

I extracted this output immediately after the Assembler window appeared.
Other things there are library loaded, thread created, etc.
If you still thinks it makes sense to post the Lazarus debug output you 
suggested, I can of course do it.

Dňa 13. 11. 2017 o 17:18 Martin Frb via Lazarus napísal(a):
> The thread window is in the view menu. there is a sub-menu "debug 
> windows" and there it can be found.
> It should also appear with ctrl-alt-t
> The debug log window is in the same sub menu. But it is not called "log" 
> it is called "Debug Output"
> This window shows raw gdb communications.
> Rather than looking at debug output, start the IDE with the following 
> command line
> lazarus.exe  --debug-log=C:\lazlog.txt 
> this will create a logfile, that you can attach to your next mail (or if 
> to big for the mailing list, send to my email directly)
> On 13/11/17 15:41, Lubos Pintes via Lazarus wrote:
>> OS is Windows 10, Lazarus 1.9, GDB 7.2.
>> How can I see thread? How can I open a debug log windows? In which 
>> menu it is? Or is it displayed somewhere? Because I am unable to "see" 
>> it with screen reader. So It may look I am asking for something 
>> obvious, sorry.
>> Dňa 13. 11. 2017 o 13:49 Martin Frb via Lazarus napísal(a): 

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