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Am 13.09.2017 10:45 schrieb "Michael Van Canneyt via Lazarus" <
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> On Wed, 13 Sep 2017, Graeme Geldenhuys via Lazarus wrote:
>> On 2017-09-12 19:01, Alexey via Lazarus wrote:
>>> It is new. Please rename (it's easy for new component) all files:
>>> usually its good with one prefix. E.g. fprep_*.*.
>> hahaha... I had the units like that, using underscores. eg:
fpreport_export_aggpas.pas, fpreport_export_fpimage.pas etc.  Michael
didn't like it, so it got renamed before it went into FPC Trunk. :)
>> The LCL related units could be prefixed though, as Michael mentioned.
> They should be, since some of the names used in the designer are indeed
> generic.
>> Then again, maybe it's time FPC starts making use of namespaces and
dotted unit names? Just a thought. In Delphi it is actually pretty useful
and also stops unit name conflicts. FPC does need a bit more work though to
fully support namespaces - at least the way Delphi uses it.
> As long as there are no command-line switch and directive for setting
namespaces, they are completely useless. And even with them, the benefit is
> doubtful.
> The benefit of writing fpreport.exporthtml versus fpreportexporthtml is

The "." allows for a nicer disambiguation between what's the prefix and
what's the remainder. Granted, that can be done with "_" as well, but in my
personal opinion a "." simply looks nicer. :)

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