[Lazarus] Indy vs Synopse: POP3

Marcos Douglas B. Santos md at delfire.net
Sun Jul 29 14:27:17 CEST 2018

I need to read e-mails in a few accounts using POP3.
I haven't use Indy for years, but I've installed the version 10 in Lazarus
1.9 (trunk) using FPC 3.1.1.
It seems that things changed like SASLMechanism, which does't work when I
click in the button to open the editor, showing me this error:
TGlyphBitmap: Unsupported Resourcetype: XPM Resource Name: DIS_ARROWRIGHT

But maybe this property can be set directly to the code... anyway.

Do you have a simple demo (I haven't found any about it) that show how
connect in a Google account, using POP3?
Is there any dependencies as dlls?

As Indy looks like has a "new mechanism" to authentication, I'm thinking if
Synopse still work for that job. If Indy has no dependencies, I would like
to use it. I believe Synopse has SSL dependencies... I don't know.

Have you already compare both frameworks? Wich one should I choose for this

best regards,
Marcos Douglas
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