[Lazarus] An expression is returning false, why?

Vojtěch Čihák vojtech.cihak at atlas.cz
Sun Mar 4 20:44:59 CET 2018

I just tested. Active Form always returns Focused False. Use property Active instead.
Result := (FControl is TCustomForm) and TCustomForm(FControl).Active;
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> Předmět: [Lazarus] An expression is returning false, why?
 Sorry for possibly stupid subject and maybe off-topic question. In my 
 UIA code, I am testing if a control has focus. So I have a FControl: 
 TControl declared in my class.
 Now say FControl contains a TForm1 instance, simply we have very simple 
 program with just an empty window. Then an expression:
 Result := FControl is TWinControl and TWinControl(FControl).Focused;
 returns false. I am sure the form has focus..., because 
 ShowMessage(BoolToStr(Focused)) returns -1, which represents true...
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