[Lazarus] Loading an image to a mysql blob

Terry A. Haimann terry at haimann.us
Wed Oct 31 13:05:46 CET 2018

I tried loading an image into a Medium Blob.  The image uploads and
shows up on my form, but when I click post on my DbNavigator the
program gives me an access violation.

Here is the source code:

procedure TPropertyForm.ImgButClick(Sender: TObject);
  MyImageFile, MyDir:                              String;
     MyImageFile := '/';
     if OpenDialog1.Execute then
          MyImageFile := OpenDialog1.Filename;


Am I missing something I have to do?  The blob should be large enough,
they are supposed to be able to hold 16 Meg and the jpegs are running
about 2 - 3 meg.  I am running Mint 18.3, using Mysql 5.7.22 and using

Terry Haimann

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