[Lazarus] How to configure Fppkg in IDE startup dialog with FPC 3.2 ?

Werner Pamler werner.pamler at freenet.de
Mon Feb 18 00:02:26 CET 2019

Am 16.02.2019 um 20:03 schrieb AlexeyT via lazarus:
> -I deleted FPC 3.0.4 from Linux x64 OS path (/usr/.....)
> -Instead installed FPC fixes3.2 via FpcUpDeluxe into ~/fpcupdeluxe/fpc
> IDE after recompiling via FPC 3.2 now asks FPPKG path!! in startup 
> dialog. I cannot solve it. I tried all paths from ~/fpcupdeluxe dir 
> and tried to press [Create new fppkg cfg] (sometimes this btn is 
> enabled but gives no result- "fppkg config is corrupt"). Dialog asks 
> me every time.

Yes, the same for me (Laz trunk / fpc trunk, Win10). The "Create new 
fppkg cfg" button always yields for me an error message "Problem with 
Fppkg configuration / Failed to create a new Fppkg configuration. You 
will have to fix the configuration manually or reinstall Free Pascal." 
Clicking on "Start IDE" afterwards, however, starts Lazarus without any 

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