[Lazarus] IDE unstable - Online Package manager bug

Balázs Székely getmem1 at gmail.com
Mon Feb 25 13:23:11 CET 2019

 This is my second try. Apparently the previous mail needs moderator
aproval(I attached a screenshot which is bigger then 100K).

Hi Michel,

Clearly the online package manager is doing work behind my back.
By "work behind my back"  I suppose you mean that OPM will try to connect
to various webpages. Here is the reason:
1. In order to download the package list, on IDE startup OPM will attempt
to connect to: https://packages.lazarus-ide.org/(this is the official
Lazarus repository)
2. More over a package maintainer has the posibility to push his/her latest
release through OPM, so from time to times OPM will download and parse a
json file from the package maintainer webpage(to get the latest information
about the packages).

The behaviour is configurable in Lazarus trunk. Please open OPM, then
go to *Options-->Check
for Package Updates* and select Never. Never is the default option by the
way, unless you have some old configuration file. Other then this OPM never
sends any kind of information, only downloads json files.

PS: The hanging IDE issue should be fixed in r. 60492. If you have some
free time please run a few test again.Thank you.

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