[Lazarus] IDE unstable - Online Package manager bug

Michael Van Canneyt michael at freepascal.org
Mon Feb 25 13:45:00 CET 2019

On Mon, 25 Feb 2019, Balázs Székely via lazarus wrote:

> This is my second try. Apparently the previous mail needs moderator
> aproval(I attached a screenshot which is bigger then 100K).
> Hi Michel,
> Clearly the online package manager is doing work behind my back.
> By "work behind my back"  I suppose you mean that OPM will try to connect
> to various webpages. Here is the reason:
> 1. In order to download the package list, on IDE startup OPM will attempt
> to connect to: https://packages.lazarus-ide.org/(this is the official
> Lazarus repository)
> 2. More over a package maintainer has the posibility to push his/her latest
> release through OPM, so from time to times OPM will download and parse a
> json file from the package maintainer webpage(to get the latest information
> about the packages).
> The behaviour is configurable in Lazarus trunk. Please open OPM, then
> go to *Options-->Check
> for Package Updates* and select Never. Never is the default option by the
> way, unless you have some old configuration file. Other then this OPM never
> sends any kind of information, only downloads json files.

OK. Probably it is because I have an old config.

> PS: The hanging IDE issue should be fixed in r. 60492. If you have some
> free time please run a few test again.Thank you.

I will test it, thanks for the fast response !


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