[Lazarus] Demo for Computer Camp on Monday

Anthony Walter sysrpl at gmail.com
Sat Jun 22 05:47:11 CEST 2019

Some of you might have been following a few of my recent posts and know
that I have been tutoring kids on the subject of computer programming. Iv'e
been using Lazarus as an introduction with some kids, but on Monday I am
going to put on a little presentation for a group at summer camp to spur
their interest in our mini computer camp sessions.

I wanted to ask you, the Lazarus community, what existing open source
Lazarus projects would be good example to engage kids between the ages of 8
and 14? I am looking for some existing projects that have a simple code
base, yet do something unusual or fun that might interest kids.

Examples might include (written in Free Pascal and easily compiled):

A nyan cat and song with animation and rainbows.
A painting program that can lay out many different shapes rapidly with many
A visually impressive version of a board game like Scrabble or Sorry.
Any animated fractal rendering program, especially one where the program
allows you to create your own fractals.
A simple 2D physics program with features you can control.
Any type of complex interactive visual effects (and runs on low end

Or any other program that is free open source and might be interesting to
show briefly to a group of kids.

The only requirements would be that these are free open source demo, do not
require many extra pascal packages, and can run on low end hardware (Core2
Duo 4GB RAM).

Thank you and I'll let everyone know how many kids sign up for out mini
coding camp and the end of next week.
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