[Lazarus] fppkg - autodetect on Windows

Joost van der Sluis joost at cnoc.nl
Sat Mar 2 13:26:17 CET 2019

Op 16-02-19 om 15:50 schreef Martok via lazarus:
> I tried:
> $(LazarusDir)\fpc\$(FPCVer)         (this is what intuitively makes sense)
> $(LazarusDir)\fpc\                  (this is what the text asks for)
> $(LazarusDir)\fpc\$(FPCVer)\bin

You cannot use Lazarus-style macro's. It does not resolve them. But I 
would expect that it comes up with a proper default-value? (What does 
the drop-down box shows, or is it empty?)



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