[Lazarus] [fpc-pascal] Need Advice: Teaching a Child Programming

Martin Frb lazarus at mfriebe.de
Wed Mar 6 21:30:08 CET 2019

I cc / reply-to the Lazarus list, since this is not an fpc topic.

On 06/03/2019 20:49, Anthony Walter wrote:
> I agree that the hardest part would be detecting project changes. That 
> is files opened, new files added, packages added or removed and so on. 
> I think if I could or someone could write something to synchronize two 
> instances of Lazarus on different computers / platforms, then rest of 
> everything would be trivial. This would need to include create a new 
> projects with different base paths (i.d. C:\Temp\Example and 
> /home/user/temp/example).
That depends on the indent.
If you just want to supervise, then you do not need the project locally. 
You only need to be able to see what happens, and to send actions (i.e. 
edit text).

Both computers having the full project synchronized, is a much bigger 
task. It will also need conflict resolution, and monitoring disc changes 
outside the IDE.
SourceEditorIntf tells you when editors are opened/closed. But that is 
for visually synchronizing, since opening a unit does not say anything 
about its project status.
Not sure if IDEIntf would have the hooks you need. Some would probably 
be needed to be added.

> Is anyone here a real expert in this area of the IDE?
There are too many different areas touched (at least in case of full 
syncro). So I doubt there is a single expert. Different people would 
know the answers to different parts.

> Martin, I think the student computer would be the slave.
Depends on the above.

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