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>     History back should work after an codetools error. IIRC Ctrl-H,
>     but I move it to Alt-Cursor-Left.
> The first time I hear about that thing. What's "History point"?  how 
> is it defined?
View menu: jump history

Everytime you jump to a declaration, method body, ... (and some others 
like go to begin/end of file) a point is inserted. (except, if it is 
just 1 or 2 lines from where you were).

You can navigate back and forward on those points.
- mouse buttons 4 and 5 (like in webbrowesrs)
- ctrl-h (IIRC.., I recommand mapping it to alt cursor left/right)
- editor toolbar can provide buttons too

The usual way is, that you look up the definition of some identifier (I 
mapped "jump to declaration" to alt cursor up), maybe follow it forward, 
follow another declaration inside it...., and then jump back as far as 
you need.

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