[Lazarus] Universal FontDialog for LCL

Martok listbox at martoks-place.de
Wed Mar 20 13:36:25 CET 2019

> The first issue I found is that the setup dialog for fppkg doesn't look  
> for a fppkg executable, it expects the install directory where is fpc  
> supposed to be installed, I guess in order to use that for locating the  
> right fppkg executable. I expect this to work as is only on released  
> Lazarus because it tries to find the fpc executable by using the PATH  
> environment dirs. This means that it doesn't matter what you choose in the  
> setup Lazarus dialog as your desired compiler. I think this is the first  
> thing that needs fixing. The rest should come after that.

Actually, an idea.

fppkg (the standalone) has a -C option, and one could have fpcmkcfg -3 and -4 to
create a correct config for a compiler that is not on the PATH and place it next
to fpc.cfg.

If the Lazarus packager fppkghelper would offer the same and try loading
'$(Path($(CompPath(IDE)))\fppkg.cfg', I think most problems would be solved.
CompPath(IDE) isn't entirely correct either, but it would be less wrong than the
current order...


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