[Lazarus] Universal FontDialog for LCL

Joost van der Sluis joost at cnoc.nl
Sat Mar 23 09:40:59 CET 2019

Op 20-03-19 om 06:21 schreef Jesus Reyes A. via lazarus:
>> Because 'it works'. At least, on my machine. ;)
> :)
> Using fpc trunk:
> (In the following:
> APPDIR=C:\Users\Jesus\AppData\Local\FreePascal\fppkg
> BINDIR=c:\Users\Jesus\dev\fpcbin\bin\i386-win32
> )
> BINDIR>fppkg listsettings
> Warning: Configuration file is in an old format

So it is not reading a file that has just been generated.

> Warning: Failed to write compiler-configuration file 

And is does not have write-permissions on the file

>    LocalRepository:       "{AppConfigDir}" -> "APPDIR\"

How can AppConfigDir resolve to "APPDIR"?

> I experimented with several Downloader settings, the important one, 
> 'base' IIRC, doesn't work as it tries to download some files, it gets 
> redirected to a https link that failes because there is no openssl 
> support and it instructs to include some unit and recompile. This I 
> found it by debugging, this is nowhere reported.
> I noticed that it tries to download some files: mirrors.xml and 
> packages.xml and someway I manually downloaded the files and put them 
> where it supposed to find them, yet it will not work.

These files store a list of available packages, but here the main issue 
is that it can not find the installed packages.

> The first issue I found is that the setup dialog for fppkg doesn't look 
> for a fppkg executable, it expects the install directory where is fpc 
> supposed to be installed, I guess in order to use that for locating the 
> right fppkg executable. I expect this to work as is only on released 
> Lazarus because it tries to find the fpc executable by using the PATH 
> environment dirs. This means that it doesn't matter what you choose in 
> the setup Lazarus dialog as your desired compiler. I think this is the 
> first thing that needs fixing. The rest should come after that.

Fppkg also has a library, which Lazarus uses to list all available 
packages. So the 'fppkg'-executable is not called. (This changes when 
the fppkg-packagemanager is installed) And you and Martok are right, we 
have to find a way to solve problems with the proper configuration file 
being used.

But in your case, Lazarus should create a 'local' configuration file in 
your user-profile, that should 'override' the global configuration file. 
This ain't happening, it seems.

I've addded some tests around fpcmkcfg, and an error-message when it 
fails to write one of those configuration-files, with the full path. 
Could you retry?



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