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Sun Nov 24 22:24:59 CET 2019

On 24/11/2019 8:45 pm, Ralf Quint via lazarus wrote:
> be for a good part that I am used to the Borland (WS) keyboard mappings 
> and the general editor behavior, after almost 40 years, those have 
> become second nature (and are thoroughly missed whenever I have to use 
> some other environment).

Oh, I know exactly how you feel. I had a double dose of that 6 months
ago, when I had to switch to OSX as my daily development system, and I
had to learn IntelliJ IDEA and it's shortcuts. I'm still finding my way,
but getting better. 30 plus years of using a PC and 20+ years of using
Delphi/Lazarus development tools is a hard habit to kick. ;-)

> other reasons why once in a while I might be forced to use Eclipse (or 
> one of its derivatives) and it is just a bloated, slow as molasses carp...

I've heard many say that, but I have not experienced that (maybe older
versions from many years ago had that issue). On my desktop PC, which is
now 6 years old (Intel i7 system), it starts faster than the latest
Delphi does. And while working in it, I experience no performance issues
at all.

My work MacBook Pro is a lot newer and faster than my desktop, and it
definitely doesn't have any performance issues with Eclipse or IntelliJ
IDEA. The latter does require more memory, and the fact that if you want
to work with multiple projects, you need multiple instances of IntelliJ
is not ideal (that's where Eclipse workspaces work very well - though I
do close the projects I don't need open).


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