[Lazarus] Install Lazarus on Mac OSX Catalina

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Sun Oct 13 08:53:05 CEST 2019

On 13/10/2019 12:42 am, Anthony Tekatch via lazarus wrote:
>  report: error: undefined symbols for architecture i386

As Catalina doesn't have 32-bit support, I would imagine you need to
compile 64-bit FPC first, then build Lazarus with the 64-bit fpc compiler.

I would also imagine you can't use the official FPC 3.0.4 Install which
includes only a cross-compiler for 64-bit (but the ppc* executable is
32-bit). So you need a true 64-bit FPC, not a cross-compiler.

Take all this information with a pitch of salt though. ;-)  I can't even
get my MacBook to run because of outdate XCode, Apple wanting to force
me to install Catalina to get a working XCode, and because my AppleID
has been locked (G*D knows why!).


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