[Lazarus] OSX 64 bit Cocoa + Catalina Installer

Anthony Walter sysrpl at gmail.com
Tue Oct 15 01:10:14 CEST 2019

Testers need.

I created a new installer for OSX that includes a 64-bit only Cocoa version
of FPC and Lazarus. I don't have Catalina installed, so I am looking for
testers and any variety of OSX.

The installer is a shells script that will walk you through Xcode, Homebrew
or Macports, as well as setting up the debugger. You will also be prompted
for a install folder that defaults to $HOME/Development/FreePascal, but you
can change the install path during installation.

This setup will use configuration files inside of their own folder and will
not interfere with you existing versions of Lazarus as long as you donot
choose the same folder as your already existing fpc and lazarus locations.
To uninstall simply delete the folder you choose for install.

Download setup.sh from:


Then ...

chmod +x setup.sh

After installation is complete you will get convenience lazarus.app file in
you install folder which can be moved anywhere including to your
Applications folder.

Please note, this setup program installs a 64 bit fpc and lazarus with
Cocoa only. It does not install a 32 bit fpc and does not use the Carbon
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