[Lazarus] fpcres now supports compilation of RC files

Sven Barth pascaldragon at googlemail.com
Wed Aug 12 21:16:50 CEST 2020

Hello together!

Thanks to the work of Martok the fpcres utility is now able to compile 
RC files into RES files.

To compile an RC file to a RES file you need to pass the "-of res" 
argument as otherwise the RC reader won't be used (it's a "catch all" 
TResourceReader descendant and thus not registered by default). You can 
specify include paths for the preprocessor using "--include <path>" and 
defines can be declared using "-D sym" (including defines with values 
using "-D sym=val").

The Free Pascal compiler is capable of using fpcres for resource 
compilation as well, but due to bootstrapping issues that currently 
needs to be enabled using a new option "-FF". Once a FPC release with a 
fpcres supporting RC files is released we'll make that option the 
default and deprecate windres/gorc (I currently plan to merge this into 
3.2.1, thus 3.2.2 would support this and future 3.3.1 (and thus 3.4) 
would then use fpcres by default).

Please test this with your applications and report your problems as this 
is the biggest change regarding resource compilation since their 

Compatibility note: due to build dependencies the FileInfo unit was 
moved from fcl-base to fcl-extra, so please keep a look out for stale 
PPU files.


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