[Lazarus] IDE source editor blue-panel bug

Alexey Tor. aaa5500 at ya.ru
Sat Jun 20 11:56:31 CEST 2020

get project CudaText
open its file formmain_py_api.inc, scroll to
function Py_GetTokenList(Adapter: TATAdapterEControl; ALineFrom, 
ALineTo: integer): PPyObject;
now move caret lower so that IDE shows blue-ribbon on top of source editor.

expected: IDE shows blue panel with title of function.
reality: IDE shows blue panel with crap "Token: PecSyntToken"

the same - with the next function,
function Py_ed_get_token(Self, Args: PPyObject): PPyObject; cdecl;
IDE shows blue panel for it: "Ed: TATSynEdit".


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