[Lazarus] IDE source editor blue-panel bug

Martin Frb lazarus at mfriebe.de
Sat Jun 20 16:42:14 CEST 2020

Updated to 4814dabcf239faf6f0cae913b900160ad2a5a038

With current Lazarus trunk, I can not reproduce this.

Please test with default settings of the IDE. I.e. move your existing 
EditorOptions.xml away, and see if it still happens.

If it does not happen with default settings, but only with your 
EditorOptions.xml, then please provide a copy of it.

On 20/06/2020 11:56, Alexey Tor. via lazarus wrote:
> get project CudaText
> https://github.com/alexey-t/cudatext/
> open its file formmain_py_api.inc, scroll to
> function Py_GetTokenList(Adapter: TATAdapterEControl; ALineFrom, 
> ALineTo: integer): PPyObject;
> now move caret lower so that IDE shows blue-ribbon on top of source 
> editor.
> expected: IDE shows blue panel with title of function.
> reality: IDE shows blue panel with crap "Token: PecSyntToken"
> the same - with the next function,
> function Py_ed_get_token(Self, Args: PPyObject): PPyObject; cdecl;
> IDE shows blue panel for it: "Ed: TATSynEdit".

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