[Lazarus] Switching Lazarus between fpc 3.2.0 and 3.0.4 - how to?

Michael Van Canneyt michael at freepascal.org
Sun Jun 21 11:12:17 CEST 2020

>> Now you can start 2 instances of lazarus, with a different setting for the
>> compiler version.
>> I have 4 or 5 such versions.
> Thanks, that seems simple enough. :)

It is.

> Just a follow-up:
> After downloading the 3.2.0 sources via svn I went into the new 3.2.0
> dir and did (I am using an RPi4 computer with 4GB RAM):
> $ time make all FPC=/home/pi/bin/ppcarm OPT=-dFPC_ARMHF
> So I did not do a "make install"...
> I also did:
> $ cp .lazarus_2.0.8 ./.lazarus_2.0.8_3.2
> Is the above OK for using the compiler as outlined above pointing the
> shortcut to to the new dir as you outlined?

You need to do the "make install". 
How else will the compiler find the units when compiling ?

> Beware though!!!!
> -----------------
> I have fallen into the trap of copying the pcp dir when installing a
> new version of Lazarus before. Then unbeknown to me Lazarua used
> installed components where the paths pointed to the *previous*
> version.
> That resulted in both Lazarus versions sharing the exact same files
> including generated binaries....

This is so, but it does not have to be a problem: you must not recompile
lazarus itself using such a secondary copy.

I only recompile lazarus using the configuration with the official released FPC.


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