[Lazarus] Keyboard mapping probelm

John Landmesser jmlandmesser at gmx.de
Thu May 28 11:57:24 CEST 2020

Am 28.05.20 um 00:53 schrieb Brian via lazarus:
> On 5/20/20 8:37 AM, Brian via lazarus wrote:
>> On 5/20/20 5:50 AM, John Landmesser via lazarus wrote:
>>> Am 20.05.20 um 01:12 schrieb Brian via lazarus:
>>>> Regrettably, it appears I spoke too soon. I fired up Lazarus again and
>>>> the problem is back. I'm compiling trunk for both fpc and lazarus
>>>> using fpcupdeluxe. To recap, this is under Linux Mint 19.3 64-bit
>>>> (Ubuntu base). I have absolutely *NOT* done any keyboard remapping nor
>>>> defined any macros since everything last worked correctly. The setup I
>>>> have in a LMDE (Linux Mint Debian) virtual machine still works
>>>> correctly.
>>>> I will update both setups, so that I know I am (should be!) running
>>>> exactly the same versions of trunk, and report back in due course.
>>>> Brian.
>>> Perhaps try another version of fpcupdeluxe?
>>> https://github.com/LongDirtyAnimAlf/fpcupdeluxe/releases
>> I downloaded the latest as then was for linux on x86_64. I see there
>> has been another release since I wrote my post. I'll give it a try. I
>> guess I could also try the qt5 version.
> OK, my last word on this subject. I can only conclude that there is
> some kind of goofy multi-way interaction going on between Lazarus and
> other programs. I have tried multiple versions of Lazarus, using both
> the gtk2 and qt5 versions of fpcupdeluxe. In all cases, I saw the i ->
> tab & i and m -> newline. I do NOT see this on the Debian-based
> version of Mint running in a virtual machine, and I also set up
> another VM with the same Ubuntu-based version of Mint (19.3 64-bit) as
> I have on the host. Neither VM showed the problem with Lazarus!
> The final straw is that I just set up a new PC for my wife, again
> Ubuntu Mint 19.3, and out of curiosity, I installed Lazarus. The keys
> worked fine.
> I have no idea what is going on. I reiterate that I have removed all
> config files, using the combination of wkitty42's commandline magic
> *and* my kfinds, and that I have done absolutely no key remapping nor
> macro defining. Twice, and ONLY twice, I have had the problem go away
> after a rebuild of FPC and Lazarus, but rebooting the PC brought the
> problem back again.
> I've given up. I have wasted enough time on trying to sort this
> problem. At least as long as it all works, I will just use Lazarus in
> a VM, and transfer the completed source files to my host machine for a
> final compilation.
> Brian.

You allways used fpcupdeluxe??

Perhaps these originals are better?


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