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> I also only learned this quite recently and was surprised by this, but
> yes, that is unfortunately how it works on X11. Pasting basically asks
> the application that "copied" it to get the content. If that app is gone
> in the meantime, there's nothing to paste anymore.
> This will likely change with Wayland, but then it will also need some
> unified API, which there is not yet, afaik.

Proper desktop systems have a clipboard manager which caches the data and
essentially makes clipboard persistent.
At least my KDE Plasma has it. An app in the taskbar also shows clipboard
history which can be browsed and selected. Thus it is better than a
traditional clipboard.

I recommend such versatile desktops for anybody. At least KDE Plasma has
been optimized over time and is now slim and fast. Memory consumption is
not really more than with XFCE.
Once a user opens Firefox, it hogs more memory than any desktop, thus
overturning any benefits a minimal desktop might have given.

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