[Lazarus] Issues with apps on Linux...

Andreas Schneider aksdb at gmx.de
Mon Nov 30 19:12:46 CET 2020

Am 2020-11-30 14:34, schrieb Bo Berglund via lazarus:
> 1) Clipboard content erased on close?
> I have an application with a form where the form size anmd position is
> stored into the clipboard on form close using a method of the form.
> This method is also called on form resize.
> The problem is that while the application runs the resize operations
> cause the clipboard to be set up with the form size and it can be
> pasted elsewhere.
> But when the app is closed and the same function is called to save the
> size to the clipboard the result is empty. Nothing to paste in another
> application..
> Is this how it must be on Linux?
> On Windows the clipboard content is not erased...

I also only learned this quite recently and was surprised by this, but
yes, that is unfortunately how it works on X11. Pasting basically asks
the application that "copied" it to get the content. If that app is gone
in the meantime, there's nothing to paste anymore.

This will likely change with Wayland, but then it will also need some
unified API, which there is not yet, afaik.

Best Regards

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