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Pada Jumat, 2 Oktober 2020 20.20.09 WIB, Martin Frb via lazarus <lazarus at lists.lazarus-ide.org> menulis:
> Are they strictly monospaced?
AFAIK they are as long as you use monospaced font such as Fira Code or JetBrains Mono.

> You can find the function "NeedETO" and set it to hardcoded False. That 
> will prevent the enforcements (except in right to left scripts).
Where can I find that function? Is it within Lazarus IDE code or in SynEdit code?Pascal code is always written left to right, isn’t it?
> But it will have side effects. SynEdit will place the caret, as if every 
> char was exactly n pixel wide.
It shouldn’t be a problem with monospaced font, I suppose. I will try it and see what happen.
Thank you.
Best regards,
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