[Lazarus] Where are the coolbar and desktop config files saved?

R.Smith ryansmithhe at gmail.com
Sun Oct 4 13:37:56 CEST 2020

On 2020/10/04 10:09, Mr Bee via lazarus wrote:
> Never mind. I've found all the Lazarus user setting files. They all 
> are in the "/Users/<USER>/AppData/Local/lazarus". The "AppData" is a 
> hidden folder, make sure you enable "Hidden Items" option in the File 
> Explorer. So, I just zipped the folder and saved it somewhere else. If 
> I broke my Lazarus setting, I simply delete the folder and restore 
> from the zip file. Simple and easy.

On Windows (which stores this in /Appdata) you don't need to show hidden 
files - you can just type %AppData%\ in the explorer address bar, same 
as when using the commandline. This will take you directly to the 
Appdata folder, and while AppData itself is hidden, all its content are not.

You can further, obviously, use it as part of a full filename in both 
eplorer and commandline, such as:

Note that depending on the Windows setup and logged-in user level, the 
direct reference to %AppData% might land you in the 
"....\appdata\roaming" folder in stead of /local - to remedy that, it's 
best to specify the path with an "Up-Dir" prefix ".." to indicate the 
actual parent appdata directory, so to get to a file in the Lazarus 
subdir in "Local", this will be the best method, it doesn't matter which 
subdir of appdata you land in, it will go up-one and then to local always:


or for a file:


PS: I'm not used to typing Windows paths, had to go back and change all 
the slashes to backslashes, so if I missed one, please adjust accordingly.

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