[Lazarus] Mantis vs GitLab issue tracker

Michael Van Canneyt michael at freepascal.org
Mon Aug 16 12:22:56 CEST 2021

On Mon, 16 Aug 2021, LacaK via lazarus wrote:

>>>> An example: Mantis has "Reported by me".
>> You can find this in your 'issues' list?
>>> It is my impression too.
>>> I would like to see panels (like in 
>>> https://gitlab.com/groups/freepascal.org/-/boards):
>>> - Reported by me (filter Author="my account")
>>> - Assigned to me (filter Asignee="my account")
>>> - Unassigned (filter Asignee=None)
>>> - (Resolved); here is sufficient for me list of recently changed 
>>> issues as is there already
>>> In other words : is there way how to add custom boards based on above 
>>> filters?
>> I can create new boards, but not with the filters you want. There is 
>> no 'active user' filter. (i.e. "me" or so)
>> I can create lists filtered on label, assignee or milestone.
> Ok I understand.
> If there is no straight forward, simple way then IMO no need to 
> complicate things.
> I am here as pure user and I am asking for simple solutions ;-)
> I only shared impression that GitLab issue tracker is for me also less 
> intuitive and practical compared to Mantis.

It's a different system, with different possibilities.
I find the filter system very easy to use compared to Mantis, so I won't miss the old one.

One can lament the demise of the old system, but in time I suspect most will adapt to the new one.

As said, I'm looking at creating a frontpage for a mantis-like overview.
With pas2js it should be easy to do.


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