[Lazarus] Some IDE/LHelp issues

John Landmesser jmlandmesser at gmx.de
Tue Feb 2 12:49:21 CET 2021

Am 02.02.21 um 11:22 schrieb Rolf Wetjen via lazarus:
> Maybe someone can help with a few issues around LHelp in the IDE:
> 1) When LHelp opens (regardless if opens with Tools->CHM-Help or F1
> context help) it opens with 11 tabs.
> Some of them have a caption, some of them are [unknown]. The [unknown]
> ones come up with an error message "ms-its:xyz.chm::/index.html not
> found!"
> 2) One of [unknown] tabs is completely empty:
> "ms-its:toc.chm::/index.html not found!"
> 3) There are two lcl tabs. One show a message "Loaded:
> ms-its:lcl.chm::/index.html in ... ms", the other one doesn't show a
> load message.
> 3) There's no possibility to search in all files simultanously. May be
> this is the missing toc.chm::/index.html?
> 4) The first context search is a racing car. All following context
> searches are a bicycle. Time for a coffee.
> I'd like to check for this.
> Is there any documentation about the structure of the chm files
> reagarding the missing index.html?
> What's the meaning of the database definition fields in
> Tools-Settins-Help? There are entries for 8 databases. What about the
> missing ones.
> How does the IDE calls LHelp?
> Any ideas?
> Rolf
General Info at:




see here chapter:

fpdoc entries of RTL and FCL

to svn checkout all chm-help-files

I have your questions too for a long time but i'm just a hobbyist so i
can live these lack of knowledge.


John Landmesser

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