[Lazarus] I say a little prayer (for the Lazarus editor)

duilio foschi octopushole at gmail.com
Sat Feb 20 13:11:00 CET 2021

Hi Ryan,

not the same result IMHO.

I column-select the text shown in


Now the clipboard contains the text that extends from point (26,66) to
point (26,72)

I move the cursor to point (27,66). See


now I would like to press ctr-v 6 times and get the text inserted in the
following 6 rows...but I cant.

In fact, after the first insert, the cursor stays on row 27.



Instead, it should move to position (28,66)




shows the result I wanted from the start. I can get it only by several
uneeded clicks on the arrows keys...


my point is: in Lazarus edit the act of inserting a text which is
column-selected has the same
result that the act of inserting a text which is row-selected. It would be
nice to
differentiate the results (as it was in Delhi editor) so to satisfy
needs of the coder.

Thank you


On Sat, Feb 20, 2021 at 11:58 AM R.Smith via lazarus <
lazarus at lists.lazarus-ide.org> wrote:

> I'm not the coder, nor have any answer or thought on the matter, but I
> would like to point out that if you select text (any text) and then use a
> multi-cursor (pressing Alt+Shift+Down Arrow several times) and then Ctrl-V
> to paste, you get such a multi-row paste very easily.
> Whether the mentioned IDE thing gets fixed or not, I find this the easier
> way.
> Cheers!
> Ryan
> On 2021/02/20 12:06, duilio foschi via lazarus wrote:
> If the coder in charge of the editor reads this, I have a prayer for him:
> 1.
> The text showed in
> https://i.ibb.co/0FQV1L0/3.jpg
> is column-selected using shift+alt+arrow followed by ctrl-C
> 2. using the arrows key, I move the cursor to the position shown in
> https://i.ibb.co/VmbVJtg/4.jpg
> 3. I press ctrl-V. The text ':string' is correctly copied into the
> expected position but... look at the cursor
> https://i.ibb.co/PWLfsn9/5.jpg
> The cursor is now at the position after the 'g' in the same row where the
> text was copied.
> So in the Lazarus editor there is no difference in copying a text
> row-selected
> and a text column-selected.
> In Delphi there is a big difference when you copy a text (at least until
> v. 7,
> when I stopped using it).
> Say you copy a text of lenght L from the clipboard into point (x,y).
> If the text is row-selected, Delphi sets the cursor at point (x+L,y),
> like the Lazarus editor does.
> But if the text is column-selected, Delphi sets the cursor at point
> (x,y+1),
> in the row below.
> This enables you to quickly copy several rows of text, as shown here
> https://i.ibb.co/98Y9WnD/6.jpg
> This ability is a big plus for a coder...well... at least I remember I was
> using
> it often :)
> .
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